How To "Launch" Your New Whiskey2Wine Designs Stemless Wine Glasses

You guessed it - with wine, of course! :)

However, we aren't suggesting you waste perfectly good vino by smashing a bottle on the side of the box your glasses came in. That would just be wrong.

Instead, why not stick with another great tradition & simply splash a favorite vintage into your new, unbreakable, BPA/EA/AA-free, dishwasher-safe, stemless wine glass, sit back & relax; safe in the knowledge that, should a free-wheeling munchkin happen by or if the family dog walks past the coffee table tail a-waggin', your glass will easily survive the encounter.

Sorry, we can't guarantee the same for your carpet.

Speaking of carpets, though ... should your lovely red end up a shocking splotch on your light-colored floor covering (or dark, for that matter), we've had wonderful luck with this:

1. Sprinkle a generous mound of table salt on the offending stain

2. Let it sit for about 5-10 minutes (you'll see the salt absorbing the wine)

3. Vacuum the whole mess up

4. Give it a scrub with your favorite carpet cleaning product (Oxy Clean works well)

5. Pour yourself a fresh glass of wine ;)

This "fix" works great for upholstery accidents, too!

We are hoping, however, that your "launch" will be clean and clear sailing to the bottom of the glass - you will have plenty of time to test for durability over the coming months and years.

Cheers! :)

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